The mission of the Argos Alliance is to secure continued investment in Argos, a unique, satellite-based global data collection and tracking system which is vital to safeguarding Earth’s environment, human safety, and the sustainable ecosystems upon which our nation – and humankind – rely.

Alliance History, Answering a Challenge

In February 2016, The Woods Hole Group, Inc. (formerly CLS America, Inc.) created the Argos Alliance to secure funding and support for the launch of Argos satellites. Argos budget requests in FY18 and FY19 were close to zero. The Alliance helped secured over $65 million to support upcoming satellite launches.

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Oceansat-3 Launch

India successfully launched Oceansat-3 on 26 November 2022. This satellite will replace Oceansat-2, which was launched in 2009. Oceansat-3 will monitor the color of the ocean’s surface and collect data on wind speed and direction over the surface. This allows scientists to monitor conditions, such as the distribution of chlorophyll in the world’s seas, phytoplankton blooming, and chemicals and minerals present in the water. As well as being of scientific interest, this research has practical applications, such as helping to locate suitable fishing grounds. Click here to view the launch:

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