The mission of the Argos Alliance is to secure continued investment in Argos, a unique, satellite-based global data collection and tracking system which is vital to safeguarding Earth’s environment, human safety, and the sustainable ecosystems upon which our nation – and humankind – rely.

Alliance History, Answering a Challenge

In February 2016, The Woods Hole Group, Inc. (formerly CLS America, Inc.) created the Argos Alliance to secure funding and support for the launch of Argos satellites. Argos budget requests in FY18 and FY19 were close to zero. The Alliance helped secured over $65 million to support upcoming satellite launches.

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Recent Updates—May 2023

Per the CLS Newsletter.

Argos-4 Operational Soon

The 4th Argos generation innovations are essential for environmental applications and will:

  • Boost transmission capacity.
  • Improve the sensitivity so manufacturers can create lower-power beacons with smaller batteries to track smaller animals.
  • Increase the number of satellites with downlink capacity (2 Argos-3 + 2 Argos-4).

Two additional satellites are bringing more revisits therefore more data collected and more locations obtained for wildlife study & protection. According to Argos operators, the Argos-4 services should open in a few months.

Upcoming Argos Alliance Meeting

We are working on scheduling the next meeting. Please keep checking back.

This meeting is for Argos Alliance members. To join the Alliance (it’s free!*) and RSVP for the meeting, send an email to You will be signed up and sent a link to the meeting a few days prior.

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